14 April 2010

My Silent Climber Story

Okay, before I tell this story, you have to promise to not think I'm a delinquent mother! Do you promise?

Okay, here goes...

This morning was like any other morning, we were up at 6:15, eating breakfast, getting dressed, watching Sesame Street, mommy changing lots of diapers, brushing hair, brushing teeth, etc.

Around 7:30 after cleaning up after breakfast and working on spring cleaning my fridge and pantry, Julia was playing in her princess house in the reading room, and Marky was playing near the coffee table in the living room (both rooms I can see from the kitchen and are within close earshot).

Well, I'm happily cleaning the shelves in my fridge, I mean happily. It feels so good to take care of your house, and it was sunny, and I was praising God, and texting John and Suzette, I was HAPPY! I was working on the third shelf, when I heard a distant whimper...that's strange, it sounded far away, and Julia was still in her house, and Mark was...Mark was...Mark was NOT in the living room, oh he must've crawled into the bathroom, nope, not there...then I saw it...the gate to the upstairs was wide open!!!

No, he couldn't of, no way, not all the steps, no way...where was he? I ran up the steps and guess who I found sitting in my doorway, looking for me? My silent climber!

For those of you who don't know at 10 months old, babies become little monkeys. They climb, and cruise and can squeeze in any crevice or cabinet. So please keep an eye on your little monkey, Miss Kristi!!!

Oooooh, I am so blessed he didn't fall back or try to climb down! I can't believe he didn't make any noise going up! I can't believe he did all 13 steps! Thank you Lord for the angels all around my children.

I can laugh about it now, but that was a close one! I called John right away to "confess" we both had a good laugh, and he ended the conversation by saying, "Yeah, keep an eye on that one!"

Well, that was the Silent Climber Story...there will hopefully not be a sequel! And yes, the gate is now closed!


  1. Oh my goodness! I think I just got a grey hair for you!!! Marky, we already know what a talented climber you are, there is no need to show off! And Kristi, you are the last person whose name could be in the same sentence with the word delinquent! You are a wonderful mother!

  2. Wow- crazy! What a little monkey he must be. =) And let me say too that no one would ever label you a delinquent mother for that! Babies are just like that, climbing and exploring everywhere. I'm glad that he is safe now though!

    (p.s. I love cleaning too, I'm glad I'm not the only one!)

  3. Sounds all too familiar. Remember that you can't be everywhere all the time and that is ok. Our children need to learn independence and spread their wings...even if that means an extra bump or bruise. Be glad little Mark has ambition and before you know it, he'll be piling up his toys as a step stool so he can climb up on the back of the couch just like his sister (even before he can walk)...ooops, that was me again ;)


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