08 April 2010

Book Club Thursday-The Confident Woman Chp. 14 Choosing Boldness

Chapter 14 Choosing Boldness

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I had to show you these pics of our recent adventures at Ocean Grove because to me, Julia exhibited boldness! Along the boardwalk she smiled and waved and said, "Hello!" to many people. And when this woman walked by us with these two beautiful poodles, Julia could not help but boldly reach out and catch her attention. She is afraid of other people's dogs, but with mommy and daddy by her side (well, daddy, since I took the photos) she had a boldness about her. She grew more confident and even began telling the dogs to "Sit!" in her two year old, firm voice. It was amazing to watch her step out of her fear and trust that we would be there to protect her, and do something bold. Later, we even met two Rottweilers!!

Children are so much better at choosing boldness than adults are! They trust the authority in their life has his/her best interest in mind, and thus they are fearless most of the time, and they don't live their life in timidity and shyness. I believe this allows them to experience more joy in their daily little lives, and they are always seeking new adventure or excited to learn something or discover something new.

Sometimes as adults, we get so wrapped up in fear because we are looking at ourselves at not to God to give us joy, confidence, or victory in the situation. There are countless verses of promises that God has to us about never leaving us or forsaking us, He is the ever watching parent who is standing there with us protecting us, so why aren't we doing more things with boldness? Is it because we let fear take over? Are we afraid of what people will say? Are we shy? Joyce says, "You may feel timid and shy but you can choose to walk boldly through life." Remember a confident woman doesn't base her decision on feelings, we are choosing to look to God, we are choosing to trust Him, and we are choosing to be bold!

I believe godly boldness comes from looking at yourself in the mirror the way God looks at you (Psalm 139), knowing you are fearfully and wonderfully made, not in a conceited way, but in truth, and not fearing man. Being bold doesn't mean saying things to hurt people or rudely putting people in their place, remember Proverbs 15:1 says a gentle answer turns away wrath. However, a confident woman of God is not a dormat, and does not allow people to walk all over her with their words or actions. Standing up for what is right is always right. Being slow to anger, slow to speak and quick to listen (James 1:19) comes from a bold, confident woman who knows just the right time to "say her piece," in "just the right way." Why? How is that possible? By walking in the Spirit! By praying and asking God's guidance. Being a keeper of the Word. The more truth you absorb, the closer you are to Jesus each day, the more bold and confident you will become. It is a choice. Choosing to wait for the right time to speak. Choosing to not get your feelings hurt over sinful man's words. Choosing to love difficult people. Trust me, they are everywhere! In our churches, in our families, in our workplace.

Our confidence (should) comes from the Lord, which is rooted in love, because self-confidence and conceit comes from fear.

This book (and some very dear friends) has helped me tremendously these last few months, especially over the holidays. I'm choosing boldness because I want a life that is adventurous. I'm choosing boldness because I want to be more like Jesus. I'm choosing boldness because I don't want to live in the fear of man or what other's think. I'm choosing boldness because I am fearfully and wonderfully made. I'm choosing boldness because God is bigger than all my "problems." I'm choosing boldness because He has great things in store for me! (Romans 8:28)


  1. When I saw the pictures, I immediately thought of boldness. Wonderful post, Kristi. I love reading your posts because you see things that I overlooked.


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