12 April 2010

The Library Part 2

It was about 3:30 p.m. and the kids both woke up from their afternoon nap. After blowing some bubbles outside and drinking our milk we hopped in the car and headed off to the library, on of our many, homes away from home (Nana's house and church tie for first).

When we got to the library I was getting ready to give Julia my pep talk about how we need to be quiet in the library and use our inside voices because people are reading and studying...but as we entered the automatic doors, Julia turned to me and said, "Sssh, the library's sleeping!"

And there you have it.

I guess to a two year old, who has a baby brother that tends to be sleeping when she is awake, and mom constantly says, "Ssh, Marky's sleeping!" I guess you think EVERYTHING is sleeping if you have to be quiet.

I love her. She is so quick, so smart, and so incredibly funny!

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  1. Oh, JuJu, you are just too much!!! I could just gobble you up!


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