16 April 2010

Our Little Encourager!

Julia Star McInerney, born on Dec 31, 2007, is by far one of the sweetest little people I have ever met!

She never ceases to amaze me with her abilities, her words, her charm, and her timeliness. How does she melt our hearts somehow each day?

Now, don't get me wrong, she is not little miss perfect, we have to discipline her everyday with sharing, and being kind, and not whining, all 2 year olds (I would think) struggle with not being the "center of the earth" if you know what I mean.

But God has blessed my Julia with the greatest little personality that draws kids of all ages to want to play with her (you should see how much attention we get at church the moment we set foot in the door). She makes everyone feel welcome, has a smile to share, a hand to rub a crying child's back (she never likes seeing anyone upset in the nursery, she feels it's her duty to help them "feel better").

She also seems to melt every adults heart as well. She loves to color pictures for her Nana and aunts. Everytime she sees an adult she has been with before she says something to remind them of her last visit with them. Like Micha at church she always greats her with, "Pinky, pointer, thumb" Because Micha taught her the names of her fingers. Or Aunt Sara, "Hi Mamas!" Because that's their phrase together. If I say, Hi Mamas, she goes, "Aunt Sara says!" When we visit my mom and dad she always asks my mom to "Water plants grandma!" or she asks my dad "Grandpa's shoulder boo boo." Because months ago my dads shoulder was sore from shoveling. She has the best memory and she really connects with people. With our good friends, basically family, Debi and Ev, which we call Debadeb and Uncle Tio, Julia always says, "Alice, Jimmy, and doggies!" Because that's their daughter, son in law, and they have two big dogs at home.

Lately, Julia has been really encouraging with her words. Like for example I will be vacuuming, or blow a big bubble, or finish changing her diaper, or finish brushing her hair and when I am done she goes, "Good job, mommy!" Or after I pick her up from bedtime or a nap and carry her down stairs she rubs my back and goes, "Mommy, I'm proud of you!" I guess she gets it from us always trying to encourage her and Mark when they do something well. It feels so good to hear it from her.

This morning was the icing on the cake. John was a bit nervous because he has a big assessment at work today with all of his managers. He has to give an oral assessment of all he has learned thus far to prove he can start building his business and that he knows what he's talking about. It's a bit nerve wracking when all of your bosses will be there and they are all brilliant and millionaires (not that it should matter, but it is intimidating, I'm sure).

So, I heard John downstairs and I knew he hadn't had a chance to see Julia last night and since I heard her singing in her room I quickly brought both the kids downstairs to catch dad before he left. He was just about to leave but got to hug and kiss both kids. As he gathered his breakfast on the go, and I sat Julia down for breakfast, she called, "Daddy kiss!" (one kiss is never enough from daddy) So he walks over, kisses her head, and she goes, "I love you daddy!" I love you too Julia, daddy says, "I'm proud of you Daddy!" And that was it...Daddy sort of lost it and there were tears in his eyes as I kissed him goodbye...

Our little encourager...

This morning


  1. Kids are the best!!!!! Too cute!

    Kathy Hoberg McCain

  2. That's really sweet, she sounds like an encourager!

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