15 April 2010

Book Club Thursday--The Confident Woman Ch.15

Chapter 15 Winners never quit!

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I really enjoyed this chapter because this is exactly what I want to instill in my Julia and my Mark, that McInerney's don't give up. We will always do our best, sometimes we may fall, but we get right back up and try again. I believe this is so true in God's Word where there are verses that say, "But I press on..."

I love that verse in 2 Corinthians 4:8-9 where Paul is saying, "We are hard-pressed on every side, yet not crushed, we are perplexed, but not in despair; persecuted, but not forsaken;struck down, but not destroyed."

Paul could say those words because as believers we have Christ on our side! We are never alone, we are never forsaken! We have a mighty God rooting for us to finish well and He gives us the strength to make it during difficult times.

I look at all the failed marriages, where couples just give up. Maybe because when you stare at an awful situation and forget to turn to your creator, there is no hope. But with Jesus, the author of new life, and hope, and second chances, there is always another way! He makes a way when there seems to be no way.

A confident person doesn't quit because she doesn't allow fear to take over her emotions. She realizes that opposition probably will come, but doesn't let it stop her from pressing forward with her dream.

I love the example of David's life. He ran towards the giant Goliath, not away from him. If he stared at the giant too long maybe he would have given up. But with the Lord on his side he was very brave and killed the giant!

A confident woman knows that in order to win she must, "prepare, train, sacrifice and be willing to press past opposition."

For me I believe I tend to "give up" on people. I know that sounds awful but it is true. I'm really good with conquering tasks, but really bad at dealing with conflict, actually, I should say, I was really bad, because I know in the past 3 years alone God has worked on me and my relationships in amazing ways! He has helped me to deal with difficult people (and trust me they are everywhere). Instead of shutting down emotionally and giving up on a difficult person, God has taught me and is teaching me to stop being afraid of standing up for what I believe in, and just loving them in the Lord, because it is NOT in my strength. Sometimes I feel like I only want to love the people who love me, but that is not the call of Christ on my life. I am to love all the EGR people, or EXTRA GRACE REQUIRED people. I'm to love the "blanket" people (they make you feel warm and cozy) and the "sand paper" people, (they are rough, but soften your rough spots as well).

I want to be a winner obviously because I serve a Victorious Savior and I constantly say to myself now, "________ is not the enemy!" Satan loves to trap us and have us struggle and feel like quitting, but don't allow him to win!

There is always going to be opposition ladies, right? Let's keep our eyes on Christ!


  1. This is so true- I tend to write off the difficult people sometimes, "well, they will always be that way!" But it's so important to love them gracefully, because that's what Christ is calling us to do!


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