07 April 2010

Good Friday at The Beach

Mere words will never be able to express just how much I love having all of my family all together. And by family, I mean the four of us. We are a family and when we are all together doing just about anything, the peace I feel just cannot be described. It is very hard when John works so hard and so many hours. Truly we are blessed that he has a job and that I am able to stay home and care for our little ones, but I do miss him.

Good Friday John had off so we packed the car, had a good breakfast, and headed to the beach!!! We met up with Holly and Marian, and Marian's two kids Brodee (almost 5) and Melanee (2 years old, born a week after Julia). We got to the beach around 10 am before the whole gang was there and as a family we walked along the boardwalk and the dock...Ocean Grove is beautiful and has a lot of Christian influence. It's so nice to be there.

Julia got to have a lollipop and met some really beautiful dogs and we were able to say "Good Morning!" to anyone who passed us by. I love having kids because I am able to be the social butterfly that I am and include my children as well. Julia loves saying "Hi" to everyone, and they always have such nice comments, "My, she's so pretty!" or "Look at those curls!" Mark gets a lot of attention about his big blue eyes and red hair.

I also love having the kids in the double stroller because I love watching them interact. Julia loves to high five Mark, and talk to him and hold his hand. Mark loves seeing her there and finds comfort in her presence. He always has a piece of "home" right next to him.

My favorite part was watching the kids on the beach in the sand. Yes, Julia still finds a fascination with sand in her mouth (who knows?) and loved getting dirty this time, I was surprised. She loved having Holly and the kids all to herself. And she loved the cookies that Miss Marion brought!

It was a great morning...we left around 12:20, and the kids slept the whole way home...what a great family day! Thank you Lord for your many blessings.


  1. What a blast! I miss the Jersey Shore... (I'm originally from up there). Thanks for sharing your pics and happy memories so we can share in them! Hop over to WP today if you get a minute...I'd love for you to participate in the "party"! Talk to ya later, ~Kristin

  2. I am just drooling at your pictures. I wish we lived near a beach like that!

  3. There is something special about just being together with your family. I think that is why I loved my birthday weekend away so much.


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