15 March 2010

Kristi's Kitchen

What's for dinner this week?

Monday- Beef Stew (crock pot recipe)

Tuesday- Baked Chicken Thighs and rice

Wednesday- Grilled chicken with homemade pesto sauce and spaghetti

Thursday- Pork chops and elegant salad (inside joke)

Friday- Soup and salad

Saturday- Chicken and potatoes

Sunday- Left over chicken and potatoes

Guys, I'm reading this book The New Eve for my Bible study at church on Tuesdays (9:30-11:30) and it is so good! We are on chapter 7 today. The book is all about how we as women struggle to find our place in society as woman, the power struggle with our husbands, different seasons of life women are in, how many women are missing the opportunity to raise children because they put their career first. I am learning so much and can't wait to start sharing with you once we finish the book!


  1. Wow, sounds like you are busy in the kitchen! All those dinners sound delicious. I am always looking for new recipes, so I'm glad you are willing to share!

  2. Oooh...you should post your pesto recipe. I've actually always wanted to make some but I'm afraid my hubby might not like it (he's always leary of new things he's an all american burgers and chicken kind of guy! lol.). I still want to try it though.

  3. Interesting sounding book...never heard of it! Will look forward to your "review" forthcoming... Menu sounds yummy for the week! Seems everybody's blogging about food today, and now my tummy is rumbling :-)! Hope you're having a great Tuesday, ~Kristin (you know, from "Kristin's Kitchen" ;-) at Windy Poplars)

  4. Nadine, I will post the pesto recipe in an hour or so, gotta get it out.

    Kristin- I got the Kristi's Kitchen from you, my friend!!! LOL


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