19 March 2010

Preschooler Playtime

Now that Julia is getting older and definitely more anxious and excited to meet new people and try new things (she definitely is a social butterfly like her mama!) I have been really purposely trying to take her to new places and practice new things.

Since my John is not home I can't upload my pictures just yet (I know, I know, I need to learn how to do it...I always have John "teach" me, but always forget to write down the steps, forgive me) But yesterday, after naptime, Holly came over (she's on spring break from PBU) and so we took the munchkins, aka my kids, to Geick Park. I brought Julia's pink and purple car, Mark's stroller, some snacks and bubbles (the most inexpensive toy that brings hours of enjoyment) and we were off!!!

Mark has never been to Geick park (only in the womb...hahahaha) and Julia hasn't gone since last summer so this was a real treat, and I think we are going to try again today! It was so nice to have Holly because I think I literally took 300 pictures (ok maybe 75, but still, A LOT) and she was even able to snap some of me, which never happens because usually I'm the photographer.

We made friends with this other 2 year old girl Jordan, so you will see her in the pics too. Julia and Jordan followed eachother around and climbed up the slides and on the shaky bridge. They picked up the shredded mulch under the monkey bars, they blew bubbles...(Ummmmm, bubble blowing by a two year old is kind of like the messiest possible thing, and most of the soap ended up on her jeans, my jeans and the grass, but she was soooooo happy to try to blow bubbles herself, and she needed less soap during bath time, lol).

My Mark was plopped in the grass with a bunch of puffs spread out around him (note to self: remember to bring a blanket next time). I took a lot of photos of him because he loved the grass!!! He was so into the grass and eating and so serious. When I started to sing he started to smile and bobbed his little head to the music and started waving! It was so adorable. Holly was hysterical. I got some good pics of her too.

Mark also had a milestone yesterday! He now crawls off the ground, with belly lifted, before he did an army crawl, kind of like a snake. I'm just sad that John was in California and missed it! At least I have you guys and Holly to share the joy with!!! Seriously, Mark is so smooshable and squeezable, we won't mention that he was up 3 times last night either...I think his teeth are finally trying to cut through.

Anyway, by bringing Julia's car to the playground she learned how to share with her friend Jordan, by bringing bubbles she got to try them herself (and it was so messy, did I mention that?) She really doesn't like slides, but Holly and Jordan convinced her. All in all it was a great day at the park, and Julia went to bed at 7:15 last night and slept til 7 am this morning!

So try some new things with your toddler today and remember, it may be messy, but it will be fun! (Julia shared her verse Psalm 23:1 with Holly, Holly was really impressed! I think I'm ready to teach her a new verse next week)


  1. Mornin' Kristi! That sounds like such a fun perfectly spring day you guys had yesterday! Can't wait to see the pics from it...I'm sure they're fabulous! I'm lovin' spring too - soakin' up the sun :-) Although today I'll be inside all day cooking and cleaning - BUT I'll have the windows open for sure. Next best thing, right?!

  2. Oh, how wonderful!!!! Kristi, you are such an encouragement to me to "let go" of Addie and let her try things for herself! I think I will try something new today. Love you!


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