08 March 2010

My "Projects" Success

Do you remember many posts back I did a post on my goals/projects for this year? Suzette gave me the idea and so I made a list.

I am excited to share that last month I was able to have my own mini scrapbook crop at my church. It really didn't take too much prep work. My friends Maria Watson and Sue Shults helped me by asking at their school and church and we compiled a list of women that we knew would be interested.

Then I had to get the space. I decided to use the upstairs educational rooms at church because they could fit about 10 tables, and with 2 women per table that would give us all plenty of room to work. I filled out the paperwork, spoke to the church secretary, and deacons and elders and we chose Saturday, Feb. 27th from 12-5pm.

I had the information printed in the church bulletin, sent out emails and made a few phone calls, and that was it. Even John helped by taking off work from Taekwondo that day so I could go and set up and scrapbook. Thanks, honey!

It was a small turnout...there were 8 of us. I think it was partly because it was our first event and also because it was right after a big snowstorm on Thursday, but overall it went really well and it was so fun! I was able to work on Mark's baby book...oh, my, how I loved looking back at the early months and watch how he has grown and progressed. Also, I got to spend time with my mom, who came, and met some new friends.

Sue Shults and I are going to try to do it every other month and switch off with one time at my church and one time at hers, this way, we share the extra time planning burden.

I didn't take photos at this particular event because I was kind of nervous, it was our first one, and I really wanted to spend those precious hours cropping. I did have to run home quickly at 2pm to nurse Mark (I sure wish he would take a bottle) but it was fine, and I got to have lots of adult time with the ladies which was very nice. So, one project is officially checked off!

Next thing on my list, which I may not even have listed is planning Mark's 1-year celebration. We went all out for Julia's and held a huge party at the church (about 70 people came) so we want to do the same for our Mark. Now that takes a lot of planning. But secretly, I love the challenge!


  1. Sounds like fun! I'd love to get back into scrapbooking...but I have interest in so many crafts that it'd be too expensive right now :0) But def. want to do it again eventually!

  2. Congratulations! Scratching something off the list is always worth celebrating! I'm sure Mark's birthday will be fantastic! You are a great planner!


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