12 March 2010

Mommy Time!!!

We all LOVE our children and husbands, but everybody needs that time alone to themselves to think, recharge, and renew their state of mind. This post is in honor of my friend Kathy H. because her fb account mentioned "mommy time" and it is so true that we all need an hour or two to ourselves. We also need to not feel guilty about it when we are allowed that time by our spouse, or mother or whoever is willing to take the kids to play.

A few weeks ago I had some "mommy time" scrapbooking! It was a mini crop that I organized and I got to church by 11:15 to set up and it was scheduled from 12-5. It was so nice to sit with the "girls" and talk. It was so nice to sit. It was so nice to talk to an adult. Let's be honest, at home with the kids all day can sometimes be lonely, until daddy comes home.

Kathy mentioned she was getting her hair done for "me time" aka "mommy time" and that is so nice too. Having someone pamper you while you sit is a wonderful feeling. Even getting a facial, a massage, or your nails or toes done can be a great time of relaxation.

In September, I went on a women's retreat by the shore with all the women at church. My mom and I roomed together (yes I did take Mark, he was only 4 mos. and the only guy allowed on the trip) but even though I had Mark with me, the fellowship, the ocean, the sharing, the meals being cooked for you, was wonderful. I recommend a women's retreat to anyone who really needs to get away with the Lord and your thoughts. And always room with someone you really feel comfortable with to be yourself (see yesterday's book club post).

Sometimes, even if I go food shopping by myself (when John gets home and kids have gone to bed) it is a great experience because just driving alone and shopping alone allows me to think.

Have you ever felt like as a mom, you just want time to sit and think? As a teacher I always had lots of "thinking" time driving to and from work (25 minutes each way) and it was so nice to listen to a christian broadcast (I loved A. R. Bernard at 6 am) or just have nothing on in the car and be able to pray and think in solitude.

We all need these moments. Sometimes, when the kids are actually on the same nap schedule, it is so quiet and I don't even know what to do with myself! It's like, okay Lord, where do I begin? Make dinner early, clean some more, read some more, pray some more, write a letter?

All I wanted to say today is enjoy those mommy times, or "me" times. You are better for your kids and husband after them. I find that after an hour or so I am ready to go back home, because I miss them already! And let's face it, once we are gone, we think about all of them non-stop, are they sleeping, did they eat enough, did dad remember to read Julia's favorite book, did he give Mark his binky, did he turn the humidifier on?...all the little details mommies remember.

Here are some more Mommy Time suggestions:

1.Power walking alone or with a buddy (working out always relieves stress, and talking with a buddy makes it all the more fun)
2.Going out for coffee (I love to take a trip to Barnes and Nobles, grab a tall vanilla skinny late and look for a good book)
3.Blogging or Writing free hand
4. Window shopping
5.Visiting a friend

Can you think of more ideas? I'd love to hear what you do to relax and recharge. Then I know who stopped by today. Also, if you are married without kids this is important too to have "me time" what do you do on your Me time?

Love you guys! Happy Friday!


  1. Okay, so I teared up! It is all so true! There have been times when I have gone grocery shopping alone on a Saturday, and someone that I know sees me and says, "Where is Brian? Where is Addie?" Forget the fact that they are grocery shopping without their spouse or children. It goes back to yesterday's book club post on Other's Expectations "Others can, you cannot." Tomorrow, I'll be going out alone to do the shopping, and I will remember this post. It is okay to have mommy time. It is good to have mommy time! (while I think of my little family the whole time I'm gone!)

  2. I couldn't agree more Suzette, and you know what sometimes it's nice to be asked, "How are you Suzette?" Because sometimes people forget that we are separate people with thoughts and feelings even though we have a wonderful husband and cute kids, it's like once you have a family people forget sometimes to care about you as an individual, you know?


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