31 March 2010

Julia at 27 Months

Julia is doing so many things right now, and saying so many cute things, this post is just all about her and her sayings.

Each morning when she wakes up she says: "Hi mamas!" (this is from aunt Sara)

At breakfast, while she's eating, she asks for a napkin, and she sings, "Clean up!" or she'll remind herself, "Don't spill..."

After breakfast she watches a video or the part of Sesame Street that includes Elmo (the last 15 minutes of the show is the best part...La La La La, Elmo's World!) And she'll say, "C'mon Mom (or Marky) watch show!" "Elmo's world!"

During her playtime, I've been noticing her interacting with her dolls more, she talks to them, hugs them, showers them with kisses, washes them with wipes, dresses them, or asks for help to dress them, and I've been listening to some of these conversations she has, "Don't cry baby..." "Be nice, or spankin on the hiney" "That's not nice" "I love you Brenna" (That's my friend's daughter's name who's 3 years old, I guess she named it after her, actually it does look like her with dark hair and brown eyes) or if I ask her a question "Ssssh, be quiet, baby sleeping" with her finger over her mouth to remind me.

She has been having a lot of fun with Mark now that he crawls. She crawls next to him and says, "Come on Marky!" They have a blast crawling together and chasing eachother. I love to hear Mark laugh through his binky, and Julia gets so tickled to see how happy she makes him.

Julia now has no problem, not only telling me "Snack, hungry, eat!" As a sentence, but she'll say "Muffin! or Tuna! or Pizza!" I'm training her not to demand things, but to say, "Snack please mommy." And it's cute how she signs please, (she rubs her hand over her heart) I guess for some reason she still does both, but I love seeing her do it.

When I correct her bad behavior (which has been creeping up a lot lately, especially in the sharing department with her brother) she stands very still and watches me, and usually once I'm done speaking she says, "Sorry mommy" and I can't help but hug her right away.

When it is time for nap-time she says, "Hold you?" When she wants me to pick her up and as sometimes if we are walking side by side on the steps, she goes, "Hold hand?"

We've been going to the library at least 2 times if not 3 times a week for Miss Marilyn's 10 am toddler class or just to go on the computer and play Reader Rabbit games while Mark plays in the toy area with the blocks, barn, puzzles, and other fun toys. She loves rabbits now. It is so funny. She finds them everywhere and she says rabbit perfectly. She can tell you all about the "rabbit's hands" and "pressing the button" and "popping the bubbles" on the computer screen. She's very enthusiastic about it.

Night time is still my favorite time with her because we've memorized lots of books now, like "Good night moon" and "Who is Coming to our house?" so she says each page and we read it together. I also love hearing her say "Lord my shepherd, I shall not want" The way she says shepherd is so hysterical because she says the whole word but super fast for some reason and she loves ending the verse by saying not want because she is very firm and expressive and nods her head in agreement. I have to film it! We've been memorizing Ephesians 6:1 together "Children Obey your parents in the Lord, for this is right." but Julia always goes back to saying "shepherd...I shall not want!"

We sing "Jesus Loves Me this I know" and she knows all the words and it is adorable. She got an Easter bunny that sings this song from her Aunt Laurie and every time she sang it on Palm Sunday John's family was amazed. They loved hearing her little voice. Who wouldn't? She's such a cutie! At night when we sing she sometimes holds my face in her hands, this is my favorite part. I can tell she loves me.

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  1. Oh, JuJu, I am so proud of you! You are growing up so beautifully and so quickly! When Addie saw your picture on my phone today, we said Aunt Kristi and JuJu. Then Addie kissed your picture. I love hearing all of the wonderful things that you are doing. It is so funny that you sign please, because Addie still does that, too. I wished you lived closer so that you and Addie could have playdates. I am so thankful that Mommy and me are friends and you and Addie are friends, even if it from far away.


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