10 March 2010

Book Club Thursday-The Confident Woman Chp. 10

Chapter 10:Steps to Independence

1. Break away from other people's expectations

2. Learn to Cope with Criticism

3. Do Something Outrageous

4. Have your own opinion

5. Refuse to Pretend

6. Say No when you need to

7. Spend Time w/People who give you space to be yourself

8. Watch Children

9. Fight off Stagnation

10.With God, All Things Are Possible

I really enjoy Joyce's books because she is so realistic and down to earth. She doesn't try to be something she isn't. She is a confident woman who loves Jesus with her whole heart and is seeking to please only Him with her life. She doesn't care what popular culture says or what people say about her. She refuses to allow people to control her feelings or actions. She knows she is valuable because of her relationship with Jesus gives her all the value she needs. She doesn't need to be fake or pretend to be something she isn't to please man. Case closed.

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  1. Kristi- Thanks for your sweet, encouraging comment! I do love making other people laugh, humor is so vital to survival! =)

    Hm, I don't think it's that quite yet! At least, I hope not! I do want children, but we have decided to wait a few years to really get our marriage off to a good start first! Seeing the cute pictures of your kids definitely reminds me of my own desire to be a mom though. Someday!

  2. Thanks for sharing Kristi! :0) Hope you and your little family are doing well!


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