12 March 2010

Four Great People

Who has God recently put into your life to make you a better person? On my drive home from the library and normal Friday errands, it just hit me that there are some amazing people God has put in my life each day to teach me something new about myself and to mold me into the woman of God He wants me to be.

1. John
Forgive and forget. My husband has always been quick to forgive and forget. I don't know how he does it, but by the grace of God he is always the first person to say "I'm sorry," and hardly ever does he bring up past wrongs. This is such an area of difficulty for me. Too often I want to hold onto past hurts and let old wounds fester and make me bitter. I am learning to forgive and really let go of things, and it is very hard. I'm thankful for John who teaches me everyday by his example.

2. Suzette
Joy. My youth group friend from the good ol' days when she used to be a Jersey girl. Suzette is now a wife and mother of Addie and such a great inspiration to me. Okay, why am I crying? She finds joy in the simple things in life and her goal is to make life wonderful for her family. How great is that? Each day her blog shares a bit of her soul and I am able to step into her Flordia world where the sun is shining and southern hospitality still exists. She is a huge blessing to me because she is able to share what God is teaching her and how she indeed does find joy in being a mom, a sister, a wife, a friend. The contentment I see in her life and the joy that I see in her pictures really make me wish she lived next door so we could share a cup of coffee.

3. Christy
Be real. My teacher friend Christy is a blessing to me because she is constantly holding me accountable to being real and being myself. She is always encouraging me and lending a positive uplifting word. Friends like this are truly hard to find. We've gotten so close over the years and she is a kindred spirit that I am so blessed to have. The hours we spend together are always too short. The advice the honesty, the forthrightness, the blunt way we are able to speak to eachother is freeing and so very rare to find. Every cup of tea we drink together is in my memory bank to always look back on with fondness. I'm so glad she is a drive away. And for once I feel like I can help her and give back to her after all the help she's been to me.

4. JaneAnn
Don't care about what people think. I have a people pleasing problem that God has been working on me for the past let's say 30 years! I'm so glad JaneAnn was able to be honest with me and share her heart with openness. Why do you care what others think? She said. People's thoughts of us have no eternal value! And she is right. You can't live trying to make everyone happy and trying to please everyone. You have to live your life bringing glory to God and enjoy Him forever. That is our purpose here on earth. People pleasing leaves you unsatisfied and it feels like you are on a hopeless run on the treadmill, getting nowhere. It is so great to have accountability with our friends.

How about you? Who is God using in your life today?

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  1. Okay, so now I'm crying! Kristi, God uses you in my life, too. Your posts are always so upliftingand take me right back to God's Word. But you also do something for me that really no one else does. You show me with JuJu that it is okay to let go and let Addie grow and be a little independent. I find myself trying to always do for her, and as I have watched JuJu grow, I am reminded by you that I need to let Addie do for herself in some things. I so wish we were neighbors! I love you, my dear friend!


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