17 March 2010

Well Visit

I thought it would be neat to show some baby baby pictures of Julia and Mark and their recent ones. Can you believe both were born at 8lbs 1 oz and Julia was 20 inches long while Mark was 19inches long. After their well visit yesterday I found out Julia is now 28lbs and Mark is 18lbs and Julia is 36 1/4 inches tall and Mark is 27 1/4 inches tall.

My kids are getting sooooo big! Yesterday after women's Bible study I had to pack the kids in the car and head to our Dr. office for two well visits. My dr is so great because he lets me combine the well visits when possible since I have Mark and Julia so close in age. Julia was due for her 2 year appt. (actually she is 2 years and 3 months, but he said it didn't have to be exactly at the 2 year mark) and mark was going for his 9 month visit.

Well, I told Julia the whole car ride about the dr. visit and how if she was good she could get a lollipop, so she told everyone at church that morning that she was going to the doctor and getting a lollipop, even Pastor Joe and Pastor Steve got an earful about it. She was ready and excited.

I was not really looking forward to the visit because it was going to be difficult taking two alone this time (John now works in NY all day) so I was going to have to be very good at planning ahead and finagling. Not only did I have the visit to go to but Bible study. Our appointment was at 11:30 and I needed to get there a few minutes early to fill out new insurance paperwork. Picture me with two kids and filling out paperwork.

The good news was that there was no wait. They saw us right away. But...Julia flipped out when we weighed her and measured her (what?) She is afraid of heights so putting her up high on a scale or on the table was not fun. She screamed bloody murder and then woke up Mark who was sleeping like an angel. Well, he woke up crying. So I had to undress both by myself, help the nurse, fill out the forms and try to soothe Mark. I can do all things through Christ...I kept repeating over and over.

Once Dr. Shih came in and began the check up it was great. He made the kids laugh, we got to share all the new things they are doing and eating and learning. We talked about swallowing coins (I think Julia swallowed a nickel...not even going to go into that story) and how Mark can stand and talk. Mark tried to take Dr. Shih's glasses off and he ate his stethoscope (so much for germ free).

Well, then came the news...Julia has two shots that haven't been taken yet...I forgot that I was trying to spread them out since she was getting like 3 and 4 every visit and I hated to see her in so much pain. But I was so hoping this was a no shot visit. Anyway, I stayed calm and just said, well, looks like she'll be earning two lollipops. We had their ears and eyes checked and went into the needle room...but my two favorite nurses were in there and one held Mark while I held Julia. It was over in seconds, but boy, it is so hard to see your child cry. And Julia does that cry that doesn't come out for a few seconds but you see all the pain and just keep saying "breathe, honey, breathe." Once I mentioned the lollipops it was all better.

When we got home we had lunch and I gave Julia some motrin for the pain. She went down for her nap and all was well...thank you Lord! Surprise? Daddy came home at 5:00!!!


  1. You poor thing ;0) Oh girl...I can only imagine, lol. I hope today is better for you! Julia looks so cute in the pic carrying the flowers!

  2. Thanks Nadine...she is doing much better!

  3. Wow! I know the feeling! Addie got 3-4 shots each time we went before also. My mother-in-law said she didn't remember her kids getting so many. Maybe they used to stretch them out. Taking Addie to the doctors on my own is tough. I can't imagine taking two!


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