31 March 2010

Preschooler Playtime: Resurrection Eggs

Just wanted to use this post to showcase how big the kids are getting! LOL

For Palm Sunday, we spent the day with John's family, and now my house is filled with Easter baskets, toy plastic eggs, tons of new jars of bubbles, and lots of rabbits and chocolate!

Soooooo...I've decided to have a little Easter Egg hunt on Sunday, after church, with Julia and Mark (okay, really Julia) and I will be using the plastic eggs we got as gifts mixed in with the Resurrection Eggs.

Resurrection Eggs are 12 plastic eggs but each one has a filled with a small object that helps tell the Easter story. Every year I would use this during Palm Sunday and Easter, before spring break, to share with my students. John and I even hosted an egg hunt at the Taekwondo School for all the little kids and we told the parents ahead of time we would have the hunt, enjoy some snacks, and then share the true meaning of the Easter story. It was awesome to be able to share the gospel with so many un-churched kids or kids from families who maybe go to church but don't have relationships with Jesus. Actually we were really impressed with how much the kids enjoyed the story and knew about the crucifixion, burial, and how Christ rose again. Then we shared our testimonies.

I'm hoping Julia will understand more about Christ this year...we sing about Jesus, pray, read the Bible, but I'm just not sure how much her mind can understand at this point, but it can't hurt to try? Right?

Resurrection Eggs: The twelve eggs are all different colors and each color has a specific item (it comes with a booklet that guides the parents too, which is very helpful, also it was very inexpensive, less than $15 and you can buy it online or at your local Bible bookstore:

1. Blue egg: Donkey (Palm Sunday...Jesus' triumphal entry)

2. Light pink egg: silver coins (Judas' betrayal money)

3. Light purple egg: passover cup (The Last supper)

4. Orange egg: praying hands (The Garden of Gethsemane)

5. Green egg: leather whip (Jesus' trial and 39 lashes)

6. Light yellow egg: crown of thorns (mocking of Jesus)

7. Yellow egg: nails in the cross (crucifixion of Jesus)

8. Light green egg: Dice for gambling (Gambling for Jesus' robe)

9. Purple egg: soldier's spear (soldier piercing Jesus' side)

10. Cream egg: linen wrapping (Jesus' Grave Clothes)

11. Pink egg: Stone at the Tomb (Stone rolled away)

12. Light blue egg: empty (Jesus rose from the grave...my favorite egg to share!)

I hope you check out the link because the price was only $12.99!!!


  1. Kristi, our girls understand more than we thought they could. Did we ever think they would be reading before their 2nd birthday? We just have to keep presenting the Gospel to them. In God's timng He will open the eyes of their understanding. Remember God's Word will not return void. You are doing what God has called you to do, teach and train your children. He will honor that. You are such a super mom!

  2. Sounds like a great idea. I'm wondering if I can just dye the eggs myself...

  3. Thank you Suzie!

    Angela--you can make your own "resurrection eggs, but I would recommend buying the plastic ones that are empty and already colored, to save time, you can buy them at the dollar store or walmart to be cost effective, then find small items or make items to put in each of the 11 eggs, the 12th egg is empty to represent the empty tomb, depending on how old your kids are they might be able to help you find/create the items. Have fun!


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