28 March 2010

Mark at 10 Months

Mark Ciro is 10 months old now! In just 2 months we will be celebrating his big day (Can't wait to show you all the fun things we have in store for Mark on his day).

Here are 10 fabulous things Mark can do now:

1. Crawl on all fours (step above army crawling)

2. Stand up on his own

3. Cruises by hanging onto toys or furniture

4. Chases Julia around the house (I love to hear them giggle)

5. Climbs the stairs

6. Moving away from jar food (big money saver)

7. Nursing less (drinking juice and milk from sippy cup)

8. Sleeping longer hours at night (finally only getting up once to nurse and goes right back to sleep)

9. Talking and waving!!! Mark says "Ba ba" "Da da" "Ma ma" and many other combos

10. Stands in his crib and cries for me (one of my favorite sounds in the world)

I love you Mark-man! My little guy! Can't wait to post pics of my man on Easter (he has a tie and hat ensemble)

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  1. Oh, I can't wait to see it!!!! Mark Man, you are growing up so quickly! You are such a smart little guy! I could just gobble you up!


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