20 August 2010

August Happenings

As you know, we don't do much lounging around the house around here, unless Daddy is home, and then we love to lounge around!  The month of August has been an exciting one so far...Here are some fun things we have done, and look forward to doing...
This is actually a photo from the early Spring, but here are all the Foster boys!
On Sunday, August 1, John and I visited our "new" home in Marlboro...we didn't know it yet, but this would be the house we put a contract on (Lord willing our house sells soon so we can move in!)  We also surprised Liz Foster with a birthday party since they drove up to New Jersey to spend time with their church family.  A bunch of ladies brought her out for Thai food and then all the men and kids hung out at the Berry's house to give her a second surprise with cake and desserts!  Julia and Mark had a great time with all the kids.

Melanee and Julia at the Cheesequake Lake
On Monday, August 2, My mom and I took the kids to the lake for the first time. It was a huge success!  Mark and Julia loved the park and the sand and water, and I was so proud of my Julia for using the potty in the stalls with Grandma...she's getting so good at going on the potty and not wearing diapers now!

Geick Park
On Tuesday, August 3rd, we hung out with Aunt Paletza at Geick Park.  She was so helpful with Julia who constantly asks for help because she loves to climb everything.  It was very hot though and we were glad mommy thought to pack a lunch.  We sat by the picnic tables and enjoyed some cold watermelon, hard boiled eggs, and blueberries and string cheese.  I'm learning that toddlers don't need a big lunch...they need food they can eat quickly and get out there and go again!

Happy Birthday Grandma Judy
On Wednesday, August 4th, we had a great time at our photo session for Grandma Judy's birthday gift.  It was so fun seeing the kids play with the grand parents and look great in the pics too.  I was glad I thought of this fun, easy, idea.  And even I got to sneak in some pictures!

This photo was taken last summer...oh my word, can you see how much my Julia has grown!?
On Thursday, August 5th, Liz and I decided to meet at her house and have a playdate.  It was so much fun to catch up with her and the kids.  We chatted while all the kids played together.  We fed them lunch together and then me and the kids left for nap time.

 Friday, August 6, was a deep cleaning, food shopping, get ready for the grandparents type of day.  These are the type of days where mommy doesn't sit still since I need to do all the cleaning, cooking, and prepping, and packing!

On August 7th, a day before our anniversary we headed to the John Wesley Inn a Bed and Breakfast in Cape May...it was wonderful.  Two jam packed sunny days, with just me and my man!  I loved it!  It was our first night sleeping out and having grandparents sleep over.  It was the first time Julia did pee pee and poopy on the potty for other people besides mom and dad...I was told she did beautifully and really cared for her brother while I was away.  My mom said she is such a little mommy.

On Sunday, August 8th, our 7 year anniversary was spent in Cape May at the beach, the shops, hand in hand and at the Cape May zoo!  Thank you Lord for 7 years of being married to my dearest, bestest friend who loves me lots!  I'm so blessed.  August is always one of my favorite times of the year!

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  1. What a busy August you've had so far, but oh so fun! Have a great rest of the month.


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