20 August 2010

This Week's Highlights...

This week was a great week!

1. Julia is now totally diaper free except at bedtime!  She can be found in the bathroom on the toilet, holding her dress up (we wear lots of dresses during this potty training time) wiping herself and of course saying, "Mommy, my do it!  My a big girl!" (the pink kiddy potty is now in my trunk because little miss uses it while we are at parks and such and if we are in the car and she has to "go" I can quickly pull over and let her "go!")

2. Allaire State Park trip with all my friends and a boat load of kids.  It was truly awesome, especially the train ride!  Visit my facebook account to see all the cool pics!  Marky even wore a conductor hat.  He was quite the cutie!

3. John came home at 6:30 on Thursday evening (this never happens) and we just got back from playing at Barnes and Noble after dinner, and the kids ran out the car and squealed for "Daddy!" to pick them up!  Seeing their excitement and Daddy's face light up, melted my heart!

4. My devotion time with Julia this week has been amazing!  Her new Toddler KJV Bible came in the mail (I got a used copy online for only $4!)  Julia and I are learning all about Creation, and Adam and Eve, and sin, and she is being such a good listener!  I love being able to talk to her and listen to her and explain God's Word to her!

5. Last night at bedtime, after we all read books and the Bible with Daddy (Our new favorite book is The Kissing Hand...we got a book and CD set and Julia loves to "hear" the story and turn the book's pages, we listen to it in the car as well) we prayed together, and then our routine is to give Julia her kisses and put her in her bed and then Marky.  Tonight for some reason I was holding Julia and John had Mark (usually its the other way around) and I told Julia to give her brother a kiss, which she always does.  Then I said, "Marky, give Juju a kiss"...he leaned in and gave her a big wet kiss! It was so precious we all asked for one, and Marky was so proud of himself and the kisses were so wet and sloppy, but so, so cute!  I'm in love with my boy!

6. I'm excited for tonight because a few of the teens that I am mentoring are coming over for a girl's game night.  Holly's coming too!  We are going to have pizza and salad, play with the kiddies, and when I put my kids to bed at 7:30 we are going to play games, watch a movie and have girl talk!  I feel like a teen again!  John doesn't get home til late on Fridays so I thought it would be fun to have my "girls" over!

7.  Tomorrow is a family reunion at with my mom's side of the family at Belmar Beach!  All the aunts, uncles, grandparents, and cousins are coming!  I am so happy!  And you know I will have to peel my children away from the water and the sand!

8. Playing in Aunt Debi's pool on Thursday with the kids was wonderful, and the kids both took a 3 hour nap afterward!

9. Debi's son, Eric, called to thank me for the care package he received from John and I, and he never does that!  I had the biggest smile on my face listening to his message!

10.  And the biggest highlight of all...next week we start PRE-SCHOOL HOME-SCHOOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I am so ready, so excited, and aching to start!  I have so many fun things planned and tricks up my sleeve and I am super pumped!

***No recipe swap for tomorrow, but I will be seeing you all on Monday!  Have a great weekend!

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  1. How exciting! I am so happy you had such a wonderful week!


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