30 August 2010

Long Beach Island

This weekend we spent time with the Lees at their Beach home in LBI.  I'm sorry for not being able to post all our pictures but Blogger has been giving me difficulty in posting new pics so I will be putting them on facebook soon.

LBI is only about an hour and fifteen minutes away from our home.  It was so nice to be with the Lees and wonderful to be sharing the beach with them.

Their home lays right near an inlet at the bay so the kids and the Johns were able to cast their crabbing nets and catch crabs for dinner!  John made some yummy crabs for us!  The kids loved the freedom of the beach and not having a huge crowd around.

Julia got to play with Jacob ( 3 1/2 and Elizabeth (6 1/2) the whole weekend.  She kept asking where her "friends" were!  I love how kids make friends so easily!

We built castles on the sand.  We went in the water.  We crabbed in the bay.  We ate breakfast,  lunch, and dinner with the Lee's.  My John made a delicious red sauce and spaghetti meal for dinner.  And after the kids went to bed (quite easily after being in the sun all day) Mr. John (that's what JuJu calls John Lee) made the adults a crab treat!

It was a great weekend and another good point was we had no traffic either way and Julia had no potty accidents.  In fact I put a diaper on her on the car ride so we wouldn't have to keep stopping to use the potty, and she wouldn't pee in her diaper.  She only wants the potty now!  So on the way home we did stop twice to use the potty!  No big deal :)

Mark got a little stomach bug on Saturday evening, so we cut our stay a little short, but he's eating well today and slept great last night!  Praise the Lord!

Thank you Sharon and John for allowing us to stay over and enjoy your beautiful beach house!  I'm looking forward to more family memories with you guys!

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  1. So glad you guys had a great time! You deserve it!


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