27 August 2010

Home School Recap

I love Pre-school Home School!  It's been going marvelously well!  Here are some lessons mommy has learned and Julia and Mark as well :)

*Julia has learned about Adam and Eve and how they lived in the garden of Eden and ate the fruit, disobeyed God and got kicked out of the garden.

*Julia can tell you all about Noah and the big boat and all the animals.  Her favorite part is the rainbow.  That's my favorite part too!

*Mark has learned all about his body parts and can show you where his head, eyes, nose, toes, and mouth are!

*Mark loves watching Your Baby Can Read Starter video and video 1.  He loves clapping, pointing to his nose, and listening to Twinkle Twinkle Little Star.  He knows Arms Up!

*Mommy learned that teaching about Noah and the ark for one week, is more than enough!  We are ready to learn about new Bible people next week!  Mommy caught on that Noah was well understood when Julia began reciting the paragraph as I read it to her, as if to say, "Mommy, I get it."

*Julia can write the number 1, trace the letter A, lowercase and uppercase.  She knows that the A says aaah!  Acutually Mark knows the A says aaah too, thanks to our  Leap Frog video!

*Julia is getting good at using Elmer's glue and doing crafts.  She is careful to follow directions and listen closely.

*Mark is learning to have alone time by playing at his own desk and coloring, while Julia and I read a new book each day, so far we've read The Kissing Hand, Jesse Bear What will you wear Blueberries for Sal, and Ask Mr. Bear.

*Mommy learned that snack time is a great time for watching a Pre School Prep Video on Numbers, Shapes or Letters!

*Mommy also learned that it is incredibly normal to be exhausted after the first few days of home school, I'm talking about me of course!  Although my kids have had some really great long nap times this week!  Learning is hard work!

Thank you Lord for great friends to keep me motivated this week, a great husband who listened to all our little successes and accomplishments, and two great pre schoolers who love to learn!

*Happy 15 Month old Birthday Marky...I don't know if it's possible but you seriously get cuter and smarter by the day!  Love, Mom


  1. So exciting!!! Arms up was the first phrase Addie learned to read, too!

  2. I love it! I think it's great that Julia is tracing numbers and letters! Such a big girl already, Mommy! How cute is it that Marky sits at his own little desk?!?! Oh my word, I can't wait to see photos! Keep up the great work, Kristi, the time you invest in their education and day to day lives will not turn void!


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