16 August 2010

Domestic Training 101

Christine and Marie came over on Thursday for some, uh, er, Domestic Training by yours truly!

Honestly we just wanted some girl baking time, but we've decided to gear our "girl time" to doing some domestic things, since Christine and Marie are getting older now (Marie is the older sister who is working on her Masters now, and Marie just graduated from HS and will begin college this Fall).

Our last trip as a "family" with John, Mark and the Odejar girls we went to the city to the museum since Marie loves history and art and so do we.  Christine was telling us all about Wesley this wonderful new guy she liked at the time (now they are boyfriend/girlfriend) and we started talking about how to cook, bake, etc, and I promised to help out in any way I could!

This is one of my favorite aprons from Cape May!

So Thursday I gave each girl an apron and a homework sheet of 45 tips on cooking and baking!  Come on, you knew I'd give them homework!!!

We had lots of fun!
 First we made Raspberry Crumble muffins from scratch!  Visit my Saturday Recipe Swap to see the recipe.  We cleaned up, ate a chicken ceasar salad made by yours truly, and then we enjoyed a muffin!  They were delicious.  I packed some muffins for the girls to take home and we saved some for John and the kids. 

Marie, I loved how Mark kept giving you special waves!
Then we made some Rice Krispie Treats.  I wanted to practice with the girls, because I had to make my own batch for a baby shower on Saturday, and I wanted to get into "the groove" of the treats, I hadn't made them in awhile.  Plus, I promised some neighborhood kids I'd be bringing some by.  What kid doesn't LOVE Rice Krispy treats???

Mark was our first taste tester!  He approved!
Team work
The girls did a wonderful job, we got to bake, we got to "girl talk" and we got to share a meal together (all perfectly planned during Miss Julia's nap time)  And after just 2 hours which flew by...domestic training 101 was accomplished!

Wax paper is needed over each layer of treats because they are so sticky!
Thanks Christine and Marie!  I had fun! Love you!

Our next goal...Domestic Training Part 2: The Dinner Meal


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