26 August 2010

What do I do when...I'm so overwhelmed?

We can be overwhelmed as moms, sisters, friends, wives, in our careers, in ministry, and even overwhelmed with joy!

Lately, I have been overwhelmed as a mom!  I just don't think there are enough hours in the day or that I have enough hands to do all the things I want/need to do in the best way possible.

I feel stretched to the limit and very overwhelmed at certain times in the day.  Sometimes, the minute I wake up I am overwhelmed or packing the car and getting the kids ready for an outing, looking at my lesson plans for home schooling, or getting things "just so" before John walks through the door.

A lot of my friends say, "Loosen up Kristi!  You need another baby to calm you down!"  Oh, my, I'm not sure if having another baby would calm me down at this point.  People know that I am a very driven, organized, baracuda type of person.  I like things done orderly, planned, and thoroughly.  I don't like to forget any details, (and with mommy brain, let's be honest, there are times I do).  I like things done immediately and on time, early would even be better!  I have very high expectations, for the people around me, and for myself.  And this leaves me...overwhelmed at times.

So, what do I do when I'm overwhelmed?  Honestly?  Oh dear, I guess I do have to be completely honest here, right?  Well in a perfect world I would stop and pray and breathe deeply, but the world isn't perfect and neither am I.  So sometimes I say things I regret, I get impatient, I get mad at myself, I get frustrated with the little people who I am caring for, I get annoyed that John can't seem to multi-task like I can, and the imperfect list goes on, and I get more overwhelmed.

God has been teaching me to practice what I preach and start living out my beliefs.  I have a lot of head knowledge about God's Word and what I am supposed to do and I need to start living it.  If I want to leave behind a legacy (like Suzette wrote about this week)  than I better start by changing my attitude and doing what Jesus would do.

I love the verse that says, "Be anxious for nothing but in everything by prayer and supplication let your requests be made known to God and the peace of God which surpasses all understanding will guard your hearts and lives."  Philippians 4:6

When I am overwhelmed all I want is peace.  I want God's peace.  It surpasses all understanding.  In other words, there is no earthly reason why I should have peace at the moment, but I have it because I know the God of the universe loves me and is in total control even when I am totally out of control.  I want God's peace to guard my heart and my life.  I want to have a peaceful home.  I want my kids to feel peaceful.  I want them to trust God in difficult, overwhelming situations, and so I need to model that.

Another great verse (Matthew 11:29)  I love that talks about how we can give our burdens to Jesus.  He says, "Take my yoke upon you and learn from me, for I am gentle and humble in heart, and you will find rest for your souls."  I want rest for my soul.  And only Jesus is capable of giving it to me.  I need to let my "control freak" in me relax and learn from Jesus.  Even Jesus got away from the crowds and the busyness of life and escaped away to be alone with God.

What do I do when I am so overwhelmed?  Well, I'm going to bring my prayer requests before God.  I'm going to ask for peace in stressful situations, and I'm going to meet with God and learn from Him.

What will you do?


  1. Beautiful post. When my alarm went off this morning, I contemplated whether or not I really wanted to get up. I am exhausted! For women who take their job as stay-at-home momns seriously, our job can be very draining because we are pouring all of ourselves into others all day long. But since we are doing what God has called us to do, He will give us the strength to do what He has asked of us. If you want to talk, Dear, you know I am here for you.

  2. Kristi i will say this one more time -- you are an inspiration to ME. i too get frustrated overwhelmed etc. I too fly off the handle ALOT. you are teaching me thru these words, how to react and act better -- thank you! You are a gift in my life..and i am so grateful to know you! I love you Kristi - can you adopt me?

  3. Thanks for your honesty, Kristi! I think often of something my sister-in-law and mother of 3 told me when I first had Judah. She said, "When Judah grows up, he won't care that the house was messy or not perfect all the time. But he will care that you spent good, quality time with him and invested in his life, moment by moment." - or something to that effect. I know there's many times when I am trying to get something done and Judah is getting in my way, and my initial reaction is to snap at him, and that is SOO wrong! I echo your desire to step down my driven-ness and elevate my love for my family and peace of heart and mind (only through God's Spirit). I'm currently reading through Ecclesiates and just finished Proverbs. Both books have helped me so much to keep a right perspective on life and Godly pursuits. Solomon calls so many of my pursuits "vanity and striving after wind." He never mentions time with our family or with our Father as being vain. Wise man he was! :) -- Christianne

  4. this is such a beautiful post! i get the feeling of being overwhelmed often and i always have to remind myself to just pray about everything and have a sense of peace-b/c ultimately God is in control, not me. I don't know how many posts I've written about being overwhelmed! i loved reading this, thank you kristi!


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