04 August 2010

Keeping Up with Kristi: Secret #2 How to Spoil the Special People in your life

Happy Birthday Grandma Judy!

 August 15th is my Mother in Law's birthday.  Did you ever get to the point where you have no idea what to get a family member because you've bought them a million things before and they already have everything??? 

Well this year I decided to give Grandma Judy something she really loves...pictures with the grand-kids. 

You should see Grandma Judy when the kids are over her house or she comes over here, she can't get her little digital camera or phone out fast enough!  She LOVES her grand-kids and will do anything for them.  She has been my right hand lately when it comes to watching the kids at a moment's notice, especially when they were ill and I had to take one to the doctor's office or make an extra trip to the grocery store.

This year I decided that a photo shoot with Grandma Judy would  pretty much be the best gift EVER!  When I told her about it the week before her vacation, I know I saw a gleam in her eye, but Grandma Judy is very hard to read sometimes, so I really hope she liked it!  The kids were really great to work with in the studio and even Grandpa came and took pictures with us.
Mom, we love you!

After the photo shoot I made sure she knew it was her job to choose all the pictures SHE wanted!  I wanted to really spoil her, because Grandmas really do deserve the best gifts, you know!  We love our Grandma Judy and it was so easy to spoil her!  We can't wait to celebrate her birthday next weekend!  Our pictures are due to arrive August 12..so they will be just in time to be framed and ready to hang or show case!

Spoiling the people you love isn't hard, just think of something that you know they LOVE and go above and beyond and out of your way to make them feel as special as they are! 

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