11 August 2010

Cape May Anniversary Celebration Part 2

Waking up in Cape May was wonderful for many reasons:

1. I could wake up slowly.
2. I didn't have to make my coffee or breakfast.
3. I could read outside while breakfast was being made.
4. I didn't have to change any diapers or bring any little person to the potty 3 million times before noon (thank you Grandmas!)
5. I could walk to the beach and back for a quick power walk to start my day.
6. I had John ALL to myself, and I got to "mother" him a bit which was nice, since usually all my attention goes to two cute munchkins!  And yes, I did miss putting them to bed last night!
7. While John took a shower I read on the porch in a rocking chair and sipped coffee and read til my hearts content.
8. John and I had time to be silly...here's proof...

I'm sure you know who was holding the camera!
I could spend a million more days like this!

My coffee, my book, and my cell phone to text grandma!
During our belgian waffle breakfast with the best bacon in the world we got to sit and chat with two other couples and hear about their stay in Cape May and about their families, Bonnie sat with us too, and Cindy served us.  It was so nice to be pampered and not have to rush through a meal or clean up afterwards!

One of my favorite shops, they have great coffee, scone mixes, aprons, and lots more!
We headed to the shops to get some gifts for the grand parents who watched our babies...then we went back to the room to change into bathing sutis and went to the beach...then we checked out (check out was by 11am...it was hard to say goodbye, but I was ready for the Cape May Zoo!)

Our wedding rings...priceless
We had time to talk about our walk with the Lord, our family, our marriage goals, our worries and concerns, and John felt compelled for us to pray a few times on our trip, not just before bed, but once even while sitting on a bench in the midst of the Cape May tourists.  Prayer is a good thing.  It keeps you connected to your Savior!

We ate lunch at a cute little sandwich shop and we shared a side of fresh homemade fries!  Ummm, actually John really didn't share all too much, just kidding, they were sooooooooo good!  Then we asked for directions and jumped in John's Acura and headed to the Cape May zoo!  I've never been there, but I heard good things, and it was free, so, why not, right?

Are we in Love or what???
We saw Lions, Tigers, and Bears, oh my!  But someone got very lazy with taking pictures, I might add!  Very naughty...and I was tired already! Ha, how can you be tired on vacation?  But I was!

A friendly goat
A curious monkey
A headless camel?
Two bald eagles
I'm not gonna lie, the zoo just isn't the same without Mark and Julia, so we stayed like, maybe 40 minutes before heading home!
This is me, excited to see my kids!!!
This is John, very happy after inhaling his Java Chip Starbucks coffee and eating my pretzel!

It was a 2 plus hour drive home, but good company and good music, and coffee kept us happy!

And dancing behind the wheel...Oh my!
I took a picture of the kids as we walked in, And Mom was feeding Mark in the high chair and Julia was next to her, Mark almost leaped right out of his chair, and Julia told me immediately, "Paris pooped on the Deck!  She's naughty!!!"  (she is my little helper and informer)

Look at his face, he is not happy that mommy is taking the time to snap a picture!
Well, thanks guys for letting me share our time in Cape May with you.  It was a short but sweet getaway, one I will always cherish!  Thanks John!  I love you!

You are my love, my life, my friend...


  1. Oh, I loved every moment of this post! Such a wonderful time and a great memory. And what quick thinking to have the camera ready when you walked in to get the kids!

  2. Love the story and love the pictures!!! You are such a great writer and I always look forward to reading what you write! Love the idea of a picture with wedding rings!!

    Kathy McCain


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