10 August 2010

Our Cape May Anniversary Celebration

So, this was pretty much my facial expression all of Saturday and Sunday!  I was all smiles!  We were together as a couple, we were alone without the munchkins, we were near the ocean and the sun, and we stayed at a lovely little Bed and Breakfast a block from the shops and the beach...who could ask for more?

We arrived in Cape May on Saturday and met our inn keepers Bonnie and Lance.  We picked their brain and peppered them with questions because one day soon we would love to own property and our own Bed and Breakfast in Cape May.  What a great investment and lovely place to live.

The John Wesley Inn is run by Bonnie and Lance and two other helpers.  I also met Cindy who made us a glorious belgian waffle breakfast with strawberries and whip cream, super yummy!

Our room was decorated beautifully old Victorian style with lots of doilies, lace, and old paintings.  I loved it.  But still with all the modern amenities like AC, a safe, a television, and an electric fireplace!

I loved how Bonnie decorated our room and her choice of colors.  It was just lovely, warm and inviting, and super comfortable.  I'll definitely be "stealing" some ideas for our new home!  She's a great interior decorator!
After Lance parked our car, showed us some of  his cool cars in his garage, we grabbed some homemade cookies Bonnie baked and headed to the shops and restaurants for a bite to eat!  Everything was walking distance!  So romantic to stroll around hand in hand.

Horses and buggy rides can be seen as you stroll to the shops.  They tell you all the history of Cape May, we've ridden one before and it's very romantic and informative!

I didn't stop smiling...ever!
We ate at a restaurant at the edge of the shops called A Ca Misa...super yummy!  Great service!  I had chicken parm and John got linguine and clams...our salads were so delicious.

True love means posing for pictures in a restaurant for your wife...lol!

And taking her picture of course!  For dessert we had coffee and John's favorite...canolis!

After such a big meal we both needed to "walk it off" so we headed right to the beach!  We held hands, we snuggled toes, we played in the water (just our feet) the sun had already set, but it was a beautiful evening!

Cape May is lovely
like sand through an hour glass so are the days of our lives
John takes much better pictues
After our long walk on the beach and then the boardwalk, we headed home to change, powder our noses and head out for glasses of wine.  We went to the Merion Inn and the company and live music was out of this world.  We talked to two Cape May regulars (they own houses there) all evening.  We befriended Ray and Carol and learned all about their sons and two grand kids.  Ray even sang with George, the pianist, what a voice he had!  They sang oldie songs that I recognized that my dad played (records) and loved.  It was a perfect way to end the evening, we didn't bring the camera this time.

Tune in tomorrow for our Sunday in Cape May...The Power of a Praying wife will be on Thursday this week!!!

Thanks for Keeping up with Me!!!


  1. I am so glad you had such a great time! I loved the photo of your feet together! Brian and I are putting in reservations for a week stay at your B&B. Love you!

  2. omygoodness Kristi- I love your "new" blog! I must have missed your update, but I really like the new title and blog look. A beautiful blog for a beautiful woman!

    I enjoyed seeing the pictures of your anniversary- we had a similar weekend at a B&B too! I will post about it soon. =)


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